Direct Mail Marketing

Brickmill solves the disconnect between great ideas and effective direct mail production.

Brickmill Marketing ServicesBrickmill Marketing Services solves the direct mail marketing disconnect between great ideas cost-effective direct mail production. From traditional offset printing to full color digital variable, our production team takes ideas from the whiteboard to the mailbox with no outsourcing. What you see during our campaign planning process is exactly what direct mail donors receive. We create direct mail efficiencies by tapping into our network of company-owned production facilities.

Brickmill Marketing Services is singularly accountable for making cost-efficient design choices, applying advanced levels of personalization and incorporating innovative engagement devices that support high-response, direct response campaigns. We offer unbeatable pricing, testing incentives and turnkey direct mailing logistics through a single point of contact.

Direct Mail Creative

Brickmill has a special breed of "hard working" non profit direct mail marketing creative that opens donors' hearts, minds and pocketbooks. We integrate the optimal level of consistent branding through our marketing services and employ only proven direct response techniques. In the address label, greeting card, premium and stationery product arena, our results are unparalleled. No one beats Brickmill Marketing designs. For premium-led campaigns, we drive new product brainstorming, aggressive testing, prototyping and production. Ask Brickmill how you can get more from your fundraising creative.

  • Brickmill Marketing Services are powered by integrated fundraising programs leveraging direct mail, e-philanthropy and emerging media
  • Advanced Donor File analytics including file audits, segmentation strategies and predictive modeling
  • Creative Design and Copywriting using in-house talent and our proprietary art library for fundraising success
  • High-performance Donor Acquisition including list planning, premiums, design, copywriting and production
  • High-impact, Low-cost Direct Mail produced in Brickmill Marketing Services network of global production facilities
  • Donation Processing, Caging and Lockbox through our secure processing center