High Performance Donor Acquisition

At Brickmill Marketing Services, we take a multi-team approach to high performance donor acquisition, utilizing list planning, strategic premiums and tested creative design.

High Performance Donor Acquisition

We know that in a philanthropic world where income is declining and acquisition costs are rising, it’s important to focus on a multichannel, strategic approach to new donor acquisition and retention.  The Brickmill Marketing Services team, through years of working with multiple charitable organizations and missions, are experts at assembling a successful fundraising strategy to fulfill your vision and goals.

Our donor acquisition team has a long history of helping our clients build and enhance their customer databases, leveraging our experience, relationships and deep understanding of non-profit fundraising to determine prospects that are likely to respond as high-value and long-term donors. Brickmill Marketing Services has years of research, experience and scientifically- proven strategies come into play to target the right donors for your organization -  at the right time, cost efficiently.

Our response modeling techniques identify high value donors, and our teams come together to develop an integrated acquisition package for the targeted audience. Tested and proven packaging and premiums are utilized to acquire donors, then re-evaluated and repositioned in order to retain those donors. Brickmill will continuously measure the value of your traditional and new media campaigns to ensure your investment is paying off long term.

Our teams know that high performance donors must be inspired to investigate, connect with and ultimately bond with your charity. Our professionals take a coordinated approach to creating cross-platform campaigns and customized touches to reach and retain those loyal donors, and maximize lifetime donor value.

At Brickmill Marketing Services, we push the envelope with our creative concept and continually refine our methods and test your results, while keeping your budget and fundraising goals top of mind.

We are singularly accountable for making cost-efficient design choices, applying advanced levels of personalization and incorporating innovative engagement devices that support high-response campaigns. We offer unbeatable pricing, testing incentives and turnkey delivery logistics through a single point of contact.

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