Multi-channel Fundraising Strategy

There are thousands upon thousands of ways to tell your charity’s story, in every possible media. At the same time, consumer behavior is ever-changing. A multi-channel fundraising strategy is the optimum way to not only connect with the greatest number of  donors, but also determine which campaign strategies affect specific donors segments most profoundly.

At Brickmill Marketing Services we relay your message and needs by integrating and coordinating multiple marketing channels, online and offline, in an effort to address changing donor behavior, determine donor allegiance and build donor loyalty.  Our fundraising strategy always focuses on ways that increases revenue per dollars spent.  Multi-channel fundraising is a complex fundraising strategy that includes integrated marketing, direct marketing, email, interactive marketing, database marketing, new media and cause related marketing.

Some of the forces that drive multi- channel marketing include:

  1. More buying options
  2. More information available
  3. More channels
  4. More noise
  5. Donors are unfettered and more empowered
  6. Channel surfing

Donors who interact through multiple channels deliver higher donations, greater loyalty, and an enhanced experience. At the same time, your organization experiences reduced costs, increased relationships, and maximized donations with a greater lifetime value.

Brickmill Marketing Services professionals understand the different demographics of each marketing channel, and the strengths and weaknesses of each, and integrate across channels for greater success. Multi-channel fundraising allows them to manage around the obstacles to create a higher level of direct response and higher donor retention, and reach and build loyalty among younger donors.  

Our job isto help you develop benchmarks and then build integrated multi-channel online, direct mail and telemarketing programs that continuously improve your results.  At Brickmill, our fundraising strategies will help you to drive offline donors and prospects to your web site to donate, take actions, find information and engage with your organization; and to append and recruit e-mails for offline donors and prospects to help reduce cost per dollar raised.

Direct mail, email, free-standing inserts, direct response print ads, personalized url's, banners, RSS ads, direct response television, telemarketing, SMS marketing and e-Newsletters are all converging and must be branded consistently.  These channels are used to support one another and will be actively measured and monitored to ensure optimum performance for fundraising at all times.

The Brickmill modeling techniques identify the similarities between responders from each marketing channel, and create statistical models to determine prospects who are likely to respond and those who are not.

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